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Anyone remember 4 years ago, when i made a gadget called Pokia? it was a mimic of the original Pokia phone (now called Hulger); Here it is:

Anyway, i was surfing on ThinkGeek a couple of days ago, and found they have a “Retro bluetooth headset”, it’s basically the same idea of the Pokia, but with bluetooth 🙂

So i decided to make my own, thanks to Samer for the bluetooth headset, i used the old headset from my old pokia, and changed it into a bluetooth headset 🙂

I used Motorola HS820 bluetooth headset, my Samsung D600 phone and a Bell Phone retro headset from an old phone i had.

disassembling the headset was easy

The difficult part was to fit everything
in the headset and make
the buttons and charger to work

So yea! if you see some crazy dude talking in a retro headset with no wires connected to it, thats me and my bluetooth phone 🙂

And yes, i am a crazy geek 🙂

3 thoughts on “Geek Stuff – Retro headset”

  1. I Think Your Inventions Will Last For Ever As The Most Non Sense, Crazy , Unusable pieces of CRAP!!!!! :> :> :>يا ابنى ارحم نفسك شوية بأة حرام عليك

  2. Loool
    Well,off course it’s not a piece of crap Ashraf, I actually find it a v.interesting idea “crazy one“ for sure but who knows maybe one day it’ll turn to be a new fashion trend!
    (So, just in case would you bring me a pinky one please?!!) 😀

    Bs da brdo mymna3shy eny lw shoft 7ad mashy blsama3a de bytkallm feha h2ol 7agteen that he’s either crazy or ( بيشتغل نفسه ) which is worst! 😀 😀

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