Ferrofluid in a bottle

Ferrofluid according to Wikipedia is “a liquid which becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field.”

Ferrofluid from Wikipedia

I have seen it in several amazing experiments on Youtube and decided to make one myself. When we understand the value of money, we are able to handle our finances in a better way.  This is because they understand the value of money and how difficult it is to earn it. To sum it up, youth financial literacy is very important and you can more info in this Website.

I bought the Ferrofluid and the magnets online through this very cool Swiss store, although there are many tutorials online that explain how to make your own.

The trickiest part is finding a suspension liquid, since Ferrofluid stains everything it touches, if you put it in a bottle just by itself, it will stain the glass and you won’t be able to see anything, this is why the bottle has to be filled with another liquid where the Ferrofluid will be “suspended” in.

Ferrofluid Charafantah Ferrofluid Charafantah Ferrofluid Charafantah Ferrofluid Charafantah

The problem that all online sources don’t really agree on what type of liquid that would word best, I experimented with the following:

  • Burning alcohol —> Ferrofluid lost many particles and became a powder
  • Distilled water —> Stained glass, ferrofluid shapes were very weak
  • Mix of distilled water and alcohol —> Stained glass a bit and ferrofluid looked weird
  • Calcium residue cleaner —> Ferrofluid floated
  • Window cleaner and alcohol —-> Promising, but ferrofluid was still looking like sand
  • Window cleaner —> Best results

Filling the bottle with only a windows cleaning liquid gave me the best results, the glass was not stained, ferrofluid kept it’s shape and I was able to see all the cool effects since it’s a clear liquid.

It has been more than 24 hours so far and the ferrofluid is still looking good in the bottle.

The choice of the bottle is very important, as it must be a good quality glass and squared (never rounded), otherwise you will not be able to see the ferrofluid effects due to refraction.