A glance on the other side of the world: El Mouled

Yesterday, was Mouled el Hossein Ibn Ali the grandson of Prophet Mohammed PBUH – lمولد الحسين بن على

Please note: that my participation in the event does not *I REPEAT* does not, mean in that i approve\agree on it. The only reason i went for is to see what happens there, it’s a shame to be at my age, living in Egypt all this time, and not attending an event like this. This is just a documentation of what i saw yesterday.

A few quick facts about the mouled, then we go into details:

  • It is said that the Mouled lasts for 7 days
  • There are hundreds of thousands who attend this mouled
  • People come from everywhere from egypt to attend this event
  • They even sleep in the streets during the mouled duration
  • The event start at around 4:00pm and lasts till midnight, and maybe after midnight too

I arrived there at around 9:30, i parked a bit far, because everywhere else was VERY crowded, a HUGE amount of police forces surround the place.

There are two parts, the area near Al Azhar mosque, where the games (shooting, street magic etc – التلات ورقات, مراجيح المولد,البنادق الرش) just like you see in the movies 🙂

And actually, yes, a kid could get EASILY lost in the mouled like it happened in Adel Imam’s movie “El Mouled”

The other side, near Al hossein’s mosque, there is A LOT of tents (صوان) each of them holding the celebration on their own Sufi Tariqa (way)الطرق الصوفية

طريقة مش عارف مين ابن مين الشاذلية و الرفاعية

الطرق الصوفية

The majority of them, keep chanting and blessing God, prophet Mohammed PBUH and Al Hussein. After a while they start dancing too. And every sufi tariqa has their own way of doing that.

There are hundreds of thousands of people coming from every place in Egypt, they sleep in the streets, they come with their food, pots and everything. sleep on the streets or in the mosques.

مسجد الحسين

مسجد الحسين

مسجد الحسين
This picture is the people living in the streets, using these boxes as their beds
the picture is not really clear, and with no flash, i didn’t want to offend anyone by taking pictures. I took this one secretly 🙂

Inside Al hussein’s mosque, there are HUNDREDS, probably thousands of people, many of them sleeping (i don’t know why is that?!)

When you come near the room, where Al hussein is supposed to be buried at, you don’t walk anymore, you just leave yourself to the flow. The crowd will push you in the correct direction, you’ll take the loop inside and get out, without moving a muscle. and trust me, am not exaggerating, or kidding.
لو حد فاكر مشهد عادل إمام فى فيلم الإرهاب و الكباب….لما كان ماشى فى المجمع 🙂

Inside the room, HUGE amount of people, the room smells very nice, because of the musk (المسك) being sprayed in the air by many people in the room.
Because of the crowd, and the impossibility to move a muscle in this crowded area, those people spraying the musk, don’t have any control on where they spray it, so i got musk all over my face, my glasses and my phone 🙂

Also in other rooms of the mosque, they distributed rice pudding (رز باللبن) and money.

There were also Stick Fencing (تحطيب), people singing, and young boys celebrating their own ways.

I found myself once, stuck in a VERY small alley, with like 200 teenager, playing music and dancing with their pocket knifes (مطاوى), some of them, actually climbed on pipes like 10-15 meters high. It was very interesting to see, but i couldn’t take any pictures, i was actually scared, if any of them came to me and asked for my phone and money(يثبتنى), i would have given him everything without saying a word 🙂

You can watch all the videos i took here:

Some more pictures:

Mouled EL hossein

Mouled EL hossein


The guy in the picture above is the water boy (السقا- أو السقاء) he distributes water on people, it was written a verse from Quran on his water pack, (و جعلنا من الماء كل شئ حى)

All in all, it was a great experience, you have to attend one to understand what i mean, there is a spirit and strong belief in everyone’s eye.
Though it was really weird for me, seen some disgusting stuff, dirty places, unbearable smells, but it was great, i really enjoyed it. Big thanks to Alia for telling me about the event 🙂

See you there next year 🙂