Google World – عصر الجووجل

It’s amazing the amount of information you can get about someone, just from his name or his email using the internet.

I was trying to see what kind of information i can get about someone from either their name or email address.
So i chose a random email address and a random name (i don’t know the persons before) and started my search.

For the email here’s what i did: (the email was associated with a VERY generic nickname, search results would be massive)

– Analyze the address – it shows that it’s an account for a student as the domain is a .edu
Google the email address –  no results
– Using the university search engine on their website search for the user name – results found
– The  result included a file which lists the major, year of graduation, full name and picture.
– Using Facebook – a search with the name returned a few results
– Examining the results (through friends, and finding that only one has many friends joined in the network of the university, as the person i was looking for was not joined in that network)
– Through the Facebook profile i was able to find some personal information like the age, more pictures, friends, personal nick from what people call him\her from the wall posts and many other things

For the name here’s what i did: (the name was associated with a fake email, so results with the mail did not return anything)

– Google the name with double quotes “” – the name was posted on several bulletin boards, most topics were on Arabic poems (الشعر العربى) looking through the BB profile showed the second name (i already had the last name)
– Using the last part (father + last name) of his\her name on i was able to find the address and phone number
– Using the name on Facebook – one result returned, but profile was accessible to friends only, but the thumbnail picture was still viewable and list of friends was readable too.

To sum things up, using just a name or email address and an internet connection, one can get:

  1. Full name
  2. Picture
  3. Phone Number
  4. Address
  5. Nick, age and other personal information
  6. Interests
  7. College – graduation date – major

Off course that’s not all, please note that i only got this information in less than 30 mins, i could have invested more time.

Watch out what information you put online, and where you put it :) it’s a VERY small world